I'm a storyteller since I can remember, but it took me a while until it became my profession. 


From early age on my curiosity drove me to other countries and I gathered academic and professional experience in Germany, Canada, UK, France, USA and Russia.

After having obtained a double degree in social economics in Hamburg and Newcastle, I studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemburg and La Femis, where I completed the Atelier Ludwigsburg Paris in film production in 2005.


Following my studies I moved to New York, where I was involved as a trainee in production and development of various documentaries. In 2007 my first own project brought me for half a year to Moscow, where I researched on the topic of „forbidden art“. Back in Germany I assisted to produce a dozen European fiction films, followed by freelance work as a producer, dramaturgical advisor and assistant director a.o. for Wim Wenders.


Since 2010 I finally got to make a living as writer and director. I started out with tv-documentaries and in 2015/16 took part in the Masterclass Non-Fiction at the International Film School in Cologne and obtained a Gerd Ruge scolarship for „Die Welt zu Füßen“. 

In 2016 my fictional script „Fließende Grenze“ got selected by European Script and Pitch. Following that in 2017/18 I was scholar of the DrehbuchWerkstatt München in scriptwriting at the Academy for Film and TV Munich where I developed a series as part of a writers room.


At the moment I am writing on several fiction projects, among them my debut feature fiction film, I'm part of a writers room and adapting as head writer a bestseller novel into a series.